FAQ: Tracking Keywords

FAQ: Nightwatch Metrics

FAQ: Local Tracking

FAQ: Local Pack Isn't Showing

FAQ: Rankings Are Inaccurate

FAQ: Website Isn't Ranking

FAQ: Inaccuracy and Troubleshooting

Use Case: How can I track different types of keywords separately with their respective dashboards?

Use Case: How do I know if the recent on-site optimisation resulted in gains or losses of my keyword rankings?


FAQ: Monitoring Backlinks

Use Case: How can I view the number of backlinks acquired under a certain timeframe?


FAQ: Competitors Rankings

Use Case: How can I compare my competitor’s rankings vs. my rankings under a common chart?

Site Audit

Use Case: How can I check the number of 404s and 403s on my website?

Use Case: How can I filter pages which have broken links, missing titles, page server errors and other discrepancies?


FAQ: Reports

Use Case: How can I automate daily reports of my keyword ranking and backlinks?

Google Analytics and Google Search Console Integration

FAQ: Google Analytics and Search Console Integration

Account Management

FAQ: Managing my Accounts

FAQ: Pricing and Plans


Use Case: How can I create professional looking SEO reports with my logo on it?
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