1. How is the average position calculated?

Average position, or adjusted average position, is a sum of all rankings divided by the number of keywords that you're tracking for a particular URL or website. For a better representation and comparison, we use a maximum search depth ranking (100 in most cases) for the keywords that are not ranking anywhere in the searched results.

2. How is search volume defined?

Search volume is defined as average monthly searches for a particular keyword on Google. One is global search volume (the total number of all searches globally) and local, which is based on the keyword location that you're tracking.

3. How is click potential calculated?

The click potential of a certain keyword calculated by the number of local searches for this keyword (local search volume) multiplied by an average CTR for that keyword ranking on Google. It is a good indicator of how many clicks you should be getting when ranking on the first page of SERP.

4. How is the search visibility index calculated?

The search visibility index is a metric representing the percentage (values between 0 and 100) of potential conversion traffic a given keyword (or set of keywords) has based on their ranking. Rank #1 is considered to be 100%, the rest of the ranks ratios being proportional to their average CTR values.

CTR rates that we use for calculating click potential and search visibility (as of Dec 14th 2018):

CTR Rates
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