We offer two API options and they require different handling, depending on the type of system you wish to build: Standard API and Partner API.

1. Standard API

To pull daily rankings from our standard API, you first need to add your domains and their keywords, either via  web  interface or using API calls. When the domains/keywords setup is done, the process is straightforward - our system will update keyword rankings daily, and you can fetch them at any time using your own system, along with other useful stats.

API is activated for you on Optimize, Agency and custom plans (more than 5000 keywords) for free. Our API documentation is available here: Nightwatch API docs.

2. Partner API

Simplified, this is a mode where we send you raw search engine results dump for a given keyword, and some manual work is needed to extract the domain rankings from the data. After each Partner API search request, our system uploads the raw search results data into your S3 bucket, with a slight delay. 

We offer different delays, and each request costs a distinct amount of credits. 1000 credits cost $1,79.

The structure for different modes is as shown below:

Normal accuracy (100 per page result setting)

Delayed: 1 credit
Instant: 6 credits (instant requests are more expensive because they require instant access to the resources)

High accuracy (10 per page result setting)

Delayed: 2 credits
Instant: 14 credits

To start working with our Partner API, you should first sign up to Nightwatch. Then, send us an email at info@nightwatch.io so that we enable partner access for you to start a subscription with a custom PayPal link.

In your request, please include:

S3 information (S3 key, S3 key id, S3 region, S3 bucket)
How many requests are you planning to make or how many credits are you planning to buy?
We can offer on-demand credit buy or a subscription. Which would you prefer?
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